LTI220MT02 – Samsung Transparent LCD from CDS

Samsung Release new 22″ Transparent TFT

Samsung has begun production of a transparent LCD which has a size of 22 inches. Transparent LCD manufactured by Samsung has 2 versions, black and white, and color version. Both versions have features a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a resolution of 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA).

Transparent level this black and white version LCD is 20% and for the color 15%. You can see through when using the LCD. For power consumption, this transparent LCD has the advantages of previous LCD versions. This LCD consumes 90% more efficient than conventional LCDs.

The LTI220MT02 is a completely new product providing unique features for visual applications such as Retail window displays.

This DID display is transparent (up to 80% light transmissivity). This means information can be displayed on the TFT while the viewer is still able to see objects behind the TFT screen. Therefore, the LTI220MT02 is ideal for shop windows, furniture constructions, product presentations and other digital signage applications.

LTI220MT01 is the monochrome version of this TFT.

Size 22.0″, 16:9
Resolution WXGA, 1680×1050
Viewing angle v/h 160°/160°
Backlight none: transparent color
Interface HDMI
Temperature range Top / Tst 0..+50°C / -25..+60°C
Supply voltage 5V
Dimensions (H/V/D) 493.7×371.0x7.0(T1)/22.0(T2)mm

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