Mini Totem Predicted to take Retail Sector by Storm


Crystal Displays is promoting its new mini Totem for retailers in need of an eye-catching counter display that does not occupy too much counter space as we appreciate that in “retail space is money”.

With integrated smart software and powerful hardware, the Mini Totem is thoughtfully designed for commercial use in retail shops, designed to run 24/7.  An excellent bright 400cd (with 1300:1 contrast!) TFT LCD screen gives super wide viewing angles utilising the latest IPS technology.

Size of the Mini Totem (drawing available upon request)

  • Base = 210 x 100mm
  • Full height = 400mm
  • Screen window = 217 x 135.6mm
  • Main body (excluding base) = 180.6 x 18 mm

“Click images to see Product Video”

For more information, data sheet and  pricing please call our main office on +44 (0)1634 292 025 or click here to email us.