Crystal Displays Low Cost Open Frame TFT LCDs

Amazing Open Frame LCD TFT chassis with Touchscreen, sunlight readability and Anti Reflective tempered Glass options.  Our Open Frame Touchscreen Monitors are designed to be a versatile and stable long-term platform for OEM’s to integrate in to their own custom enclosure, kiosk, retail furniture etc.


Open frame monitors comprise of the LCD panel, inverter, interface board and all related cabling in a sturdy metal skeleton with many mounting options on the front and rear of the unit including VESA.

Sizes range from 5.7″ up to 65″ with touch screen options including Resistive, Capacitive, Infrared, PCAP and Zytronic ruggedised projected capacitive.

We believe we can beat your current price for open frame monitors, but please test us!

These open frame ‘chassis’ products offer great benefits such as

  • Long term stability of mechanical design
  • Including VGA, DVI, HDMI, Video etc interfaces
  • Fine finishing with good looking black powder coated chassis (option)
  • Various built in Touchscreen options
  • RS232 / USB communication optional (for touch)
  • Excellent design to optimise air flow / heat dissipation, and minimal footprint
  • Standard VESA mounting points
  • Some larger panels have SMPS (power supply) built in for your ease of design-In.

Focused Sizes

For our focused sizes we selected our 3 most cost effective solutions.

19″, 21.5″ and 32″, all fully industrial monitors with LED backlighting and optional capacitive touch.

SizeResolutionBrightnessUnit SizeWeight
19" Wallmount1920x1080450 cd/m²501x322x385.9kg
22" Wallmount1920x1080450 cd/m²590x383x33.78.5kg
32" Wallmount1920x1080450 cd/m²814x504x4013.1kg
43" Wallmount1920x1080450 cd/m²1045x638x6322.8kg
50" Wallmount1920x1080450 cd/m²1199x736x4428.05kg
55" Wallmount1920x1080450 cd/m²1366x837x50.139.7kg
50" Freestanding1920 x 1080450 cd/m²747x1850x5072kg
55" Freestanding1920 x 1080450 cd/m²840x1960x80120kg

4:3 Options

Part NumberDescriptionLCD Size (Diagonal)ResolutionInterfaceOuter Dimensions (mm)Active Area (mm)
CV097LV1P9.7" Lite ClearVue, Portrait as standard, not available with touch9.7"768 x 1024USB & HDMI as stand.277.5 x 198.2 x 150197.5 x 148.2
CV121LV112" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard12.1"800 x 600USB & HDMI as stand.307 x 265 x 207247 x 185
CV150LV115" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard15"1024 x 768USB & HDMI as stand.365.5 x 309.4 x 150305.5 x 229.4
CV190LV119" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard19"1280 x 1024USB & HDMI as stand.455.2 x 380 x 150375.2 x 300
CV215LV121.5" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard21.5"1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.536.9 x 349.1 x 150.2476.9 x 269.1
CV230LV123" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard23"1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.572 x 370 x 300509.18 x 286.41
CV320LV132" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard32"1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.762 x 464 x 200702 x 396
CV430LV143" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard43"1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.1027 x 614 x 350529.4 x 941.2
CV490LV149" Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard49"1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.TBATBA
CV101V110.1" Premium ClearVuePortrait as standard, not available with touch10.1"768 x 1024USB (optional HDMI)198 x 345 x 176TBA
CV230V123" Premium ClearVue, Landscape as standard23"1920 x 1080Android Player573 x 435 x 357TBA
CV320V132" Premium ClearVue, Landscape as standard32"1920 x 1080Android Player808.4 x 502.8 x 401.2698.4 x 392.8

16:9 Options

Product NamePCB DimensionInputsOutputsMax Resolution
PI Series100 x 150 x 16mmRGB, DP, HDMI, Y/Pb/Pr, PC SoundLVDS, Speaker1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
PO Series96 x 96 x 15mmRGB, DVILVDS, TTL1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
PS Series100 x 120 x 7.2mmRGB, DVI, DP, HDMI, External I2CLVDS, Audio1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
C Series110 x 150 x 17mmRGB, DVI, CVBS, SVHS, Y/Pb/Pr, 10w AudioLVDS1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
O Series100 x 150 x 16mmRGB, DVI 2w AudioLVDS1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Saffron +S +245 x 200 x 20mmRGB, DVI, DP x 2, HDMI x 2, VGA, AudioLVDS, Audio, eDp, V x13840 x 2160 (4K)

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.