NEW 22″ Dynamic Transparent Display Showcase Box developed (see video)

Using Samsung’s Transparent Display Crystal Displays develops a NEW  “Dynamic 22″ Transparent Showcase Box” to help satisfy and grow further the demand for transparent Displays.

Due to public Demand and the growth of Transparent Display projects Crystal Display Systems has designed and developed a new 22” Transparent Showcase to allow brands, retailers and AV companies and other users to show actual ‘hard’ product with dynamic content rich videos in one design creating great synergy.  The showcase has been designed to optimise the product look and feel as well as the Display look to allow companies to show their products / artefacts in the best light.

The nature of the transparent product means it can be difficult to mount and optimise the light source etc. which is why many customers want an off the shelf plug and play solution that has been professionally designed and manufactured, and so far this solution has not been available.  Some companies have advertised such a solution but it never materialised in reality!

The following video shows the first prototype of the showcase with actual products and actual people (as opposed to a pretty rendered image!) using the showcase.

Due to the size and fragile nature of the product it is not practical to get such a product from the Far East and Crystal have designed it in such a way that it has taken in to account what UK, European and US customers have requested resulting in an optimum design and functionality.

As Crystal Displays is exporting to Europe and the US, the move into manufacturing will please the government as Crystal expects circa. 70% of sales of the showcase to be export. With companies like Harrods, Nike and Intel already using transparent displays the future of this technology looks very interesting indeed.

Some of the Features & Benefits are as follows:

  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Optimised white  high performance LED lighting for energy efficiency
  • High resolution Samsung Transparent LCD
  • Thermally toughened protective glass
  • Powder coated sheet metal construction

The following Options are also available:

  • Optional IR Touchscreen
  • Optional HD Media Player
  • Optional multicolour LED lighting
  • Optional external branding (custom colours / screen printing, logos etc)

Crystal Displays Technical Director Tony Large said ”We are simply giving customers what they want, which is an elegant easy to use solution that add real value to their products and services in a dynamic way”

For more information please contact Chris Bartram or Tony Large on 01634 292 025 or email