New 30.7cm (12.1“) wide-TFT with LED backlight and wide viewing MVA technology from CMI

New 30.7cm (12.1“) wide-TFT with LED backlight and MVA technology from CMI

The new G121I1-L01 from CHIMEI-Innolux (CMI, formerly CMO) has outstanding features and is ideal for industrial applications.

The display with a WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 dots) has a contrast ratio of 1200:1 with a brightness of 400nits and a LVDS interface. The module has an outline size of 278 x 184 x 8 mm and an onboard  LED converter / driver!

The LED lifetime (time to half brightness) is specified with minimum 50,000 hours. Due to its superior MVA technology (multi-vertical-alignment) it has a viewing angle of 88°/88°/88°/88° and  is excellent visible from all directions.

CMI guarantees an availability for this products of 5 years. Thus the display is ideal for applications that require both optimal optical performance and long-time availability.

Crystal Displays also offers excellent interface solutions and accessories such as tocuhscreens etc. for the G121I1-L01 also.

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