NEW Mobile TFTs launched by Crystal Display Systems

Many new applications involve displays.  Everywhere the visual feedback is generated by displays. This enabled display (glass) suppliers to create new products that are now also available for the industry and related markets, though in improved versions and longer availability.

The small size displays (<1 inch and up) are very slim, narrow frame, bright and low power.  Depending on the needs, they can be offered with wide temperature, high brightness and wide viewing angles.

Several displays have intelligent interfaces such as controller on board or V-Com / T-Com board integrated for easy integration into the application.

Should a semi-custom solution be required, Crystal Displays  – in close cooperation with our Taiwanese suppliers  – can help out giving you the right supplier.

Touchscreens options available including projected Capacitive (P-Cap) iphone type touch.

New developments on small size (mobile) TFT displays are the improved viewing angles, smaller packages, better controllers and sunlight readable types with transflective glass substrates. Prices are still slightly dropping and are competing with small size LCDs (character and graphic).

Our latest addition is a 2.4″ type from DataVision.  The display offers high colour saturation, a brightness of 400cd/m2, a contrast of 450:1, wide viewing angles of up to 70/70/70/70° and with smart interface for CPU/RGB/SPI.

For more information please quote or call the office to discuss your project.