New Range of 4K AMOLED Displays: Introducing Ingenious Visuals

Experience breath-taking colour reproduction and unparalleled clarity with our latest 4K AMOLED Displays.

4K AMOLED Displays are here to offer you unmatched resolution, colour accuracy, and immersive viewing experiences. We are thrilled to unveil our latest range of AMOLED Displays, including modules with 4K resolution. Our AMOLED range has been meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various industries, from automotive to aerospace and military applications.

Our Range of AMOLED Displays

Size Resolution Touch Outline Size Active Area Viewing Angles Contrast Ratio Brightness Interface Operating Temp
11.2" 2560(RGB) x 1536 Oncell CTP 249.22(H) x 154.08(V) x 0.96(D)mm 244.22(H) x 146.53(V)mm 80/80/80/80 1000:1 450cd/m2 MIPI Dual Port D-PHY Interface -20C~+70
12.8" 1728(RGB) x 1888 Oncell CTP 224.76(H) x 248.02V) x 1.291(D)mm 218.76(H) x 239.021(V)mm 80/80/80/80 100,000:1 600cd/m2 LVDS Interface -40C~+85C
13" 2560(RGB) x 1440 Oncell CTP 292.6944(H) x 168.2656(V) x 2.096(D)mm 286.6944(H) x 161.2656(V)mm 80/80/80/80 1000:1 800cd/m2 eDP 1.2 Interface -40C~+85C
14.5" 3000(RGB) x 1876 Oncell CTP 325.6(H) x 208.59(V) x 2.3(D)mm 312.30(H) x 195.2916(V)mm 80/80/80/80 60,000:1 550cd/m2 MIPI 2-Port D-PHY Interface -20C~+70C
15.1" 2560(RGB) x 1600 No 328.896(H) x 210.46(V) x 1.296(D)mm 324.096(H) x 202.56(V)mm 85/85/85/85 5000:1 800cd/m2 eDP 1.2 Interface -40C~+85C
15.6" 3840(RGB) x 2160 No 348.48(H) x 201.62(V) x 1.05(D)mm 344.2176(H) x 193.6224(V)mm 80/80/80/80 1000:1 520cd/m2 eDP 1.4b Interface -20C~+70C
27.0” 3840(RGB) x 2160 No 607.66(H) x 348.18(V) x 1.24(D)mm 597.6576(H) x 336.1824(V)mm 85/85/85/85 1000:1 400cd/m2 eDP Interface -20C~+70C

A preview of each star in the AMOLED range

Let’s delve into the specifications of our ground-breaking AMOLED line-up:

KD112WQFEN001 – 11.2” AMOLED

With a remarkable resolution of 2560 x 1536 and a billion-colour palette, this display ensures stunning visuals in a compact form factor, ideal for space-constrained environments.

KD128FSFLN004 – 12.8” AMOLED:

Featuring an impressive contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and LVDS interface, this display excels in delivering deep blacks and vibrant colours, making it perfect for demanding industrial applications.

KD130UXFED001 – 13.0” AMOLED:

Boasting a brightness of 800cd/m2 and eDP 1.2 interface, this display offers excellent readability even in bright ambient conditions, making it suitable for outdoor usage.

Elevate every detail with the precision and brilliance of AMOLED

KD145OLEDN003-C003A – 14.5” AMOLED:

With its high resolution of 3000 x 1876 and wide colour gamut, this display provides exceptional clarity and colour accuracy, catering to the needs of graphic-intensive applications.

KD151WQFEN001 – 15.1” AMOLED:

Designed for critical viewing tasks, this display offers a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and eDP 1.2 interface, ensuring precise image reproduction for professional applications.

KD156UHFEN018 – 15.6” 4K AMOLED Displays:

Featuring a stunning resolution of 3840 x 2160, this display delivers lifelike visuals with its wide colour palette, making it perfect for multimedia and gaming enthusiasts.

KD270UDFEA003 – 27.0” 4K AMOLED Displays:

With a massive screen real estate and 100% colour gamut, this display offers an immersive viewing experience for various commercial and industrial applications.


Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and military can benefit immensely from implementing AMOLED and 4K AMOLED Displays. With their unparalleled resolution, colour accuracy, and durability, these displays elevate visual experiences to new heights, enabling enhanced productivity, efficiency, and safety across diverse applications. Embrace the future of visual technology with our revolutionary 4K AMOLED Display options.

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