New Range of 7-inch High-Bright Colour TFT Display Panels


7″ widescreen Displays are becoming more popular due to the size / aspect ratio and new lower price points.

Crystal Display Systems is offering new range of 7-inch transmissive type, high-bright colour active matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCDs from Solomon Goldentek Display Corp oration (SGD).

Typically, models within the GKTW70S range, comprise a TFT-LCD module, plus LED backlight, optional touch sensor, and a LVDS or CMOS interface option. Graphics and text are displayed on a WVGA (800 x 480 pixel) 16:9 ratio screen with 262k colours.

High-brightness is 1000 cd (800 cd with touch panel) while backlight life-time to half brightness is a minimum of 40k hours with backlight power consumption of only 2.6 watts which is suitable for battery-powered applications.

High-end applications are for outdoor and automotive use, as well as instrumentation, medical, video play back systems etc.

Viewing angles at a contrast ratio of minimum. 10 are 70/70° left/right and 60/60° up/down. However, outside the quoted viewing cone these panels drop quite slowly to a lower contrast, so the actual viewing angles seen by the eye are better than the specification indicates and have to be seen to be appreciated.

The operating temperature range is -20 to +70°C with a storage temperature range of -30 to +80°C.

Overall dimensions are 166.6 x 109.4 x 9.65 mm (11.6 mm with touch panel).

Modular construction enables CMOS or LVDS interfaces and the option for factory fitted 4-wire resistive touch panel.