Curved Touch Monitors

Our 32” C Curved PCAP Monitor with LED Halo Surround has several features that make it an attractive option for the gaming industry.

  • Immersive Gaming Experience: The C Curved design of the monitor allows for a more immersive gaming experience by creating a wider viewing angle and reducing distortion. The LED Halo Surround adds an extra level of immersion by creating a vibrant, colourful ambiance around the monitor.
  • Responsive Touch Screen: The PCAP technology used in the monitor’s touch screen provides quick, accurate responses to touch input, making it ideal for gaming.
  • High-Resolution Display: The 32” monitor has a high-resolution display that delivers crisp, clear images, delivering a high-performance gaming experience. High contrast, high colour depth and wide viewing angles.
  • Reliable in play: Using a FHD industrial panel with an R1500 C Curve and 250 nits brightness which is easy to connect with HDMI, DVI and VGA ports.
  • Attractive Design: The sleek, modern design of the monitor is sure to catch the eye of gamers who want a monitor that looks as good as it performs.
  • Customizable: Not happy with our standard design? We don’t mind criticism, tell us exactly what you want, and we will manufacture it for you!

Only a handful of reasons why our 32” C Curved PCAP Monitor with LED Halo Surround is a popular choice among gamers looking for an immersive, high-performance gaming experience.

Curved Touch Monitors

There are several reasons why a 43” J Curved PCAP Monitor with LED Halo Surround could be perfect for your new project.


  • Large Display Size: The 43″ display size offers a large viewing area that allows gamers to see more of their game and immerse themselves in the gameplay. The J-curved design also helps to reduce eye strain and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • PCAP Technology: PCAP (Projected Capacitive) technology provides a responsive and accurate touch screen experience, making it ideal for gaming applications that require precise input.
  • LED Halo Surround: The LED halo surround adds an extra visual element to the gaming experience, providing ambient lighting that can be customized to match the game’s colour scheme or to create a more immersive environment.
  • High Refresh Rates: Our curved monitors come with high refresh rates that reduce motion blur and provide a smoother gaming experience.

Overall, our 43” J Curved PCAP Monitor with LED Halo Surround provide the performance and features needed to optimize gameplay.

  • Multiple sizes available and multiple curve radius’ as well as curve types
  • Quality you can trust with up to 4K UDH resolution
  • Available with reliable and unbeatable PCAP touchscreen
  • Optional high-performance and immersive LED halo effect
  • Suitable for landscape and portrait designs for flexibility
  • Industrial design – optimum durability and ruggedised
  • Price competitive solutions to save you money
  • Fully customisable designs – fully make them your own with custom colours, logos, coverglass, etc.
Curved Touch Monitors
Curved Touch Monitors
  • Better quality product – higher resolution and improved colour accuracy and contrast
  • Competitive edge – keep up with your competition, many displays in the casinos feature curved and halo displays, players are willing to pay a premium for top-of-the-line equipment that provides the best possible gaming experience
  • Wider range and substantial flexibility – we have more options and are willing to customise our standard range for a bespoke offering for your project, making you stand out
  • Support – we have a full team of salespersons and technicians to assist you with your project from the outset, throughout and after your project goes into mass production.

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