Newly Launched CDS 55 inch Touch Wall

Unlock the power with the CDS TouchWall, a powerful device designed to advance the way people get together naturally.

A 55″ monitor solution with an integrated PCAP touchscreen.

Key Features & Benefits;

  • Full HD reoslution
  • All-in-one
  • Slim bezel 8mm
  • Latest touch technology
  • Perfect for videowalls
  • Mounting option available
  • Easy controller calibration
  • Works with gloves and fingers
  • Anti-glare glass
  • 8ms response time

CDS Displax tile

TouchWall re-imagines the experience so that you can unlock the power of the group. You can walk up and access info with a single tap, and share content effortlessly, so that you spend your time connecting to people rather than technology. And since you can easily share content, you can communicate outcomes and action points.

TouchWall narrow bezel features a bezel–to-bezel slim width that minimizes the visual distraction, providing a near-seamless picture across multiple screens without interruption, making more impact with your customers.

Check out the spec as below;

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For more information including pricing and a data sheet please email or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420.