Optically Bonded Touchscreens improve Display performance

NEW – Optically Bonded Touch Panels

Optical Bonding improves display performance when using projective capacitive touch screens Crystal Display Systems have introduced a range of TFT display panels which have Projective Capacitive touch sensors optically bonded to the display panel.

Many applications experience display readability problems when operating in high ambient light levels and this is made even worse if the application requires some form of touch screen device to enable data input to the system.

Whilst display manufacturers have worked hard to improve the TFT display performance in this situation with Anti-reflective films and improved brightness backlights, the use of a touch screen can negate the improvements, especially if a resistive touch screen is used, as this can have up to four reflective boundaries between the front layer and the screen.

Using Projective Capacitive touch technology reduces the number of construction layers and with the Optical bonding we ensure that no air gap is present. The result is a significant improvement in readability of the screen in all ambient light levels.

Optical bonding involves using a process to fill the air gap between the front of the TFT LCD and the rear of the touch screen with a material that has a similar refractive index this reduces reflections since the difference in the refractive index between layers is reduced.

Standard display screen sizes include go from 4″ up to 46″ with more sizes to follow shortly. The projective capacitive screen features a surface hardness of 5 or higher Mohs, making more difficult to scratch than a resistive panel, touch resolution is 2048×2048 points and the interface to the host system is via a USB interface.

Operating temperature is -20ºC to 80ºC, ideal for industrial applications; the panel will also support multi-touch operation within the Window 7 environment.

For more detailed information please go to https://crystal-display.com/products/blog/archive/dec-2011/optical-bonding/ or contact our main office on +44 (0) 1634 292 025