PCAP Touch Monitors with no Copper Wires

CDS now has a wide range of Projected capacitive touch monitors that can work successfully through up to 11mm of glass, multi touch, 40 touch points.

Our PCAP touch monitors are WITHOUT COPPER WIRES as used by some manufacturers and older technology!

No one likes ugly copper wires and so we have resolved the eye sore!

CDS’s “Rugged-Vue” ITO PCAP touchscreens overcome this issue as well as presenting many other advanced features and benefits as below;

  • HID Compatible
  • Multi-touch Capable – 10 points
  • Infinite touches – Directly through coverglass
  • Works with Water
  • Exceptional Optics via ITO PCAP touch (no copper wires visible)
  • Excellent High accuracy and reliability
  • Operates in Environmental Extremes – Temp range -40 to +85 Degrees centigrade
  • Finger, certain Glove or Passive Pen Input
  • Up to 6mm Glass Cover Lens
  • Drift Free Touch Coordinates
  • Custom Coverglass available as an option (details upon request or email us your coverglass requirements)

gaming monitor with background

The technology is proven, dependable vandal-resistant and is practically immune to many types of abuse, and is a much lower cost than the older copper wire technology you see glistening in the sun and affecting viewability etc.

These innovative and unbeatable touch monitors have excellent durability, the “Rugged-Vue” provides 24/7 functionality in the most difficult of environment, minimising system downtime, reducing maintenance and maximising return on system investment.

Simply ask us for a quote on any size and quantities you need for your project!

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