3.5″ industrial SBC boards

The 3.5″ SBC is currently the most popular SBC in use today.

It has all of the popular features and functionality but with a very small footprint, measuring only 146 x 102mm.

They offer a single voltage input so do not require an ATX PSU and can be fully customized to suit your application.

We also offer a broad range of processors with the Atom based processors for majority of applications right up to the intel i7 processors for more demanding applications.

The boards can also be supplied with a heatsink, operating system, custom cable set to direct drive the LCD, RAM, HDD / SSD, Touchscreen, LCD panel and we can even customize the inputs / outputs on the board to control additional hardware if need be.

Advantages of working with us:

Full UK & European Support from CDS Engineers and Manufacturer

Fully configured kits for many LCD TFTs to give a direct drive digital system

Long term availability with 12 month EOL notices and Last Time Buys supported

True industrial design manufactured for highest reliability

If you have an enquiry or wish to discuss your requirements in more detail then please contact us.