CDS 4k pcap touch monitor

4K industrial TFT Displays – Impressive 4K display offerings with the outstanding resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

SizePart NumberManufacturerRemarks
17.3″B173ZAN01.0AUO4K Resolution
23.6″LTM236FL01Samsung4K Resolution
23.8″MV238QUM-N20BOE4K Resolution
27″M270QAN01.0AUO4K Resolution
31.5″LTM315FL01Samsung4K Resolution
32″M320QAN01.0AUO4K Resolution
40″V400DJ1KS5Innolux4K Resolution
43″P430QVN01.0AUO4K Resolution
49″LD490EGE-FHM1LG4K Resolution
50″V500DJ2-KS5Innolux4K Resolution
55″LTI550FN01.0Samsung4K Resolution
58″V580DJ2KS5Innolux4K Resolution
65″CM650UHDCDS Commercial Monitor4K Resolution
65″LD650EGE-FHM1LG4K Resolution
70″CM750UHDCDS Commercial Monitor4K Resolution
75″LTI750FN01Samsung4K Resolution
84″LC840EQD-SEM1LG4K Resolution
85″S850DK-KD1Innolux4K Resolution
86″CM860UHDCDS Commercial Monitor4K Resolution
86″LC860EQN-FJA1LG4K Resolution
98″LC980DQD-FGF1LG4K Resolution

CDS 4K TFT displays

We also have an amazing range of low cost 4K PCAP touch monitors.

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Check out an example of our 4K touch monitor debuting at ICE Totally Gaming below;

4K industrial TFT Displays – Want more? How about an ultra wide stretched display cut from a 4K panel? https://crystal-display.com/products/stretched-displays/

We also have a wide range of interface cards, visit https://crystal-display.com/components/interface-cards/overview/

TFT displays with 4K ultra high definition resolution (3840×2160) show a very sharp image of fine structures and a large amount of information due to their high pixel density. Four full-HD images can be displayed unscaled at the same time. The image does not appear pixelated, even with scaled content or from a short distance. We currently offer many 4K displays sized 17” up to 98” as stock items.
Our range of 4K production and HD broadcast monitors caters to the needs of professional filmmakers. On-camera monitors are an essential tool for checking playback both while filming and editing during post-production. Here at Visual Impact, we stock a comprehensive variety of monitor sizes to suit all resolutions and builds. For further information on any of our products, or if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact our technical sales team.