Analogue Video

Analogue Video Panels

We have now added a wide range of “plug and play” solutions from PrimeView.

Key Advantages:

  • Very Low Cost
  • Low Power Consumption (perferct for portable applications)
  • LED backlighting for increased durability
  • Industrial grade solutions for optimum reliability
  • Cutting edge TFT technology for great visual clarity
  • Very easy to install (Plug n Play solution)

Currently the panels are available in a variety of sizes starting at 3.5″ up to 8″.
Please see table below for a more detailed overview:

Model NumberSizeManufacturerBacklightResolutionBrightnessContrastInputs
LP035XLPS1-FDR3.5″PVILED320 X 234250350CVBS
LP035V2PB4-FDR3.5″PVILED640 X 480250400CVBS / VGA
LP040X3PS0-FDR4″PVILED320 X 234350350CVBS
LP043A7IB4-FBR4.3″CMILED480 X 272500500CVBS / VGA
LP050T4IB1-FBR5″CMILED800 X 480350500CVBS / VGA
LP056N5IB7-FBR5.6″CMILED640 X 480350500CVBS / VGA
LP065GVAB4-FBR6.5″AUOLED640 X 480800600CVBS / VGA
LP070T8IB4-FBR7″CMILED800 X 480250500CVBS / VGA
LP070W5PB4-FDR7″PVILED800 X 480400400CVBS / VGA
LP080A1IB4-FBR8″CMILED800 X 600240500CVBS / VGA
LP080S4PB4-FBR8″PVILED800 X 600400900CVBS / VGA
LP080N6IB1-FBR8″CMILED800 X 480450500CVBS / VGA
LP102V8IB4-FBR10.2″CMILED800 X 480350300CVBS / VGA
LP104S1PB4-FBR10.4″PVICCFL800 X 600230400CVBS / VGA
LP104SFPBV-FBR10.4″PVI800 X 600400400CVBS / VGA
LP104GXEB4-FBR10.4″CMICCFL1024 X 7684001200CVBS / VGA
LP121G4STS-FDR12.1″SHARPCCFL800 X 600370450CVBS / VGA
LP121GXEBV-FBR12.1″CMICCFL1024 X 768450700CVBS / VGA
LP150G3ABV-FBR15″AUOCCFL1024 X 768250700CVBS / VGA
LP150GXEBV-FBR15″CMICCFL1024 X 768450700CVBS / VGA

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