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A very popular Taiwanese TFT manufacturer offering an industrial range of TFT panels focused on smaller sizes.

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels.

With high reliability, extended temperatures and robust hibrite TFT LCDs CPT is the best kept secret in industrial and commercial TFT business.

But now with the power of Crystal Displays promotion and technical know-how and back up you will be seeing a lot more of these excellent products as they add great value to our clients applications and reputation.

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessInterface
4.3"CLAA043JD02 CW480x272600 cd/m2TTL
5"CLAA050LA0A CW800x480500 cd/m2TTL
5.7"CLAA057VC01 CW640x480220 cd/m2TTL
7"CLAA070LD0D CW800x480500 cd/m2TTL
7"CLAA070LF0B CW800x480450 cd/m2TTL
7"CLAA070NJ05 CW1024x600500 cd/m2LVDS
7"CLAA070NQ02 XN1024x600350 cd/m2TTL
8"CLAA080LJ01 CW800x480450 cd/m2TTL
8"CLAA080NA12 CW1024x600600 cd/m2LVDS
8"CLAA080XA12 LE1024x768300 cd/m2LVDS
9"CLAA090LD02 CW800x480250 cd/m2TTL
9"CLAA090NA06 CW1024x600500 cd/m2LVDS
10.1"CLAA101ND06 CW1024x600500 cd/m2LVDS
10.1"CLAA101WH13 LE1280x800250 cd/m2LVDS
10.1"CLAA101WH32 CW1280x800450 cd/m2LVDS
10.2"CLAA102ND01 CW1024x600400 cd/m2LVDS
10.4"CLAA104XA02 CW1024x768400 cd/m2LVDS
15"CLAA150XP06 CW1024x768250 cd/m2LVDS
15"CLAA150XP07 CW1024x768350 cd/m2LVDS

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