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hantouch resistive Touch Screens by DMC

DMC Resistive touchscreens industrial – Touch Screens by DMC are available with analog resistive 4-wire, 5-wire, or with PCAP capacitive technology. All DMC Touch Screens have an anti-glare coating for optimum visibility. A suitable Touch Controller connects the Touch Screens to a computer via  RS232 or USB interface. The touch sensitivity and other features can be set with the driver software.

DMC’s analogue resistive 4- and the more robust 5-wire touch screens are the perfect choice for budget-priced, compact applications. Glass/glass – technology enables unlimited operation with gloves and resists all cleaning agents. Moreover these touch screens are especially clear, scratch-resistant and are controlled with the usual 4-wire controllers. On a project basis we can provide sizes from 7″ to 21″  and film/glass touch screens. For further details on the 4-wire touch screens and or for the 5-wire touch screens please click on the relevant link below. The DMC 4-wire touch controller (RS232/USB2.0) and 5-wire touch controller as well as the appropriate cables connect the touchscreens with the PC interfaces RS232 or USB. The DMC controller ICs TSC-30/IC and TSC-40/IC are available on request/project basis. They enable a perfect integration of DMC touch screens into your design.

DMC Resistive touchscreens industrial – Resistive Advantages:

– Operates with any medium (finger, stylus, glove etc)

– Very thin frame – Fast response

– High precision accuracy due to high touch resolution

– Resistant against dirt and water

– Light and compact design

– Lowest priced technology

Overview of 4 wire resistive touch sensors:

Size (Diagonal)Glass ThicknessPart NumberNotes
5.7"1.4mm, anti glareATP-057
6.5"1.4mm, anti glareAST-065BO80A
7"2.1mm, anti glareAST-070A80A
8.4"2.1mm, anti glareAST-084A080A
10.4"2.1mm, anti glareAST-104A080A
12.1"2.1mm, anti glareAST-121A080A
14.1"2.1mm, anti glareTP-3712S1F0widescreen
15"2.1mm, anti glareAST-150C140A
15.4"2.1mm, anti glareTP-3891S1F0widescreen
17.1"2.1mm, anti glareAST-171A140A
19"2.1mm, anti glareAST-190A14A
19"2.1mm, anti glareAST-N191A140Awidescreen

Overview of 5 wire resistive touch sensors:

Size (Diagonal)Glass ThicknessPart NumberNotes
10.4"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T104
12.1"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T121
15"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T150
17"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T170
19"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T190

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