E-Paper low power Displays

E-Paper low power Displays – WHAT IS CDS E-PAPER?

E-paper, also known as electronic paper or electronic ink display, has a paper-like high contrast appearance and an Ultra-low power consumption and effectively mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.

The display is an electronic replacement for traditional paper that we can use for reading things like books, magazines and more. E-Paper, much like real paper, will only reflect light (though newer devices may also feature a back-light to improve readability), so uses much less power than traditional LCDs.

E-Paper low power Displays – Second is the unique way that E-Paper displays things on the screen. Traditional LCD displays have three colours per pixel – red, green and blue (RGB) – and will light up a combination of these across the entire display to show pictures and video in the correct colour. E-Paper displays have so far only been available in black and white, and they work in a simple way.

Finished Out Of The Box Solutions for E-Paper low power Displays:


A ready-to-use digital display to show your message.

Sustainability meets design in an all-in-one indoor sign. Works straight out of the box, combining mount, display and software player in a single device. No wires and no installation. Enclosed in a precision brushed aluminum casing, enforced with a durable front glass panel to protect from scratching and hazing. Supports all major web content management systems with support for any industry, anywhere: airports, hotels, offices, restaurants, banks, museums, shops, hospitals, schools.

Available in two sizes:13.3” and 31.2” diagonal up to 99% more energy efficient than comparable solutions. Battery operated with up to 12 months of battery autonomy.


Flexible tickets available in several sizes, monochrome and colour, they offer paper-like readability under all store lighting conditions. With extremely low power consumption and very wide viewing angles they offer retailers the ability to wirelessly update content on shelving signage quickly and efficiently, without the need to print paper tags and deploy store representatives to change them manually.

In addition they also offer retailers the ability to update pricing as often as they need (dynamic pricing). They can also implement in-store promotional pricing that matches their on-line channels, respond to their customer traffic patterns in real-time and reduce wastage through seamless promotional pricing changes for perishable goods.

The tickets can not only be used to update pricing but also to display promotions, competitor pricing, social reviews, product ingredients, source of origin, automated currency conversion, inventory levels, and much much more.


A complete ready-to-use sunlight readable signage system for outdoor use with added front light for nightime housed in a panel mount chassis with 6mm protective front glass. Just add battery and/or solar panel for a complete stand-alone system. Updates via web-based app over 3G or Wi-Fi. Totally ‘off the grid’ requiring 99% less power than comparable LCD or LED technologies.

Ideal for use on bus stops and train stations displaying live transport updates or equally at home as a stand-alone mobile advertising display.

Available in two sizes:13.3” and 31.2” diagonal and also as a 31.2” colour version.

E-Paper Displays in Component Form:

Glass Substrate: 

Part NumberSize (inches)Resolution (W x H) Active Area (mm)DPI
CDS-EP-013-TC11.27256 x 12814.46 x 28.93225
CDS-EP-027-TC22.72296 x 12863.49 x 27.46118
CDS-EP-029-TC12.9296 x 12866.9 x 29.06112
CDS-EP-029-TC12.9296 x 12866.9 x 29.06112
CDS-EP-029-TR12.9296 x 12866.9 x 29.06112
CDS-EP-035-OC13.5600 x 36045.54 x 75.90200
CDS-EP-043-WC34.3800 x 48056.16 x 93.60216
CDS-EP-052-TC45.21280 x 72064.44 x 114.56284
CDS-EP-057-TC15.65600 x 448114.90 x 85.80128
CDS-EP-057-TC25.65600 x 448114.90 x 85.80128
CDS-EP-057-TC65.65600 x 448114.90 x 85.80128
CDS-EP-060-KC161072 x 144890.60 x 122.40300
CDS-EP-060-XH7 (with Front Light)61024 x 75890.60 x 122.40212
CDS-EP-078-KC17.81404 x 1872118.64 x 158.18300
CDS-EP-097-TC29.71200 x 825202.80 x 139.43150
CDS-EP-133-UT213.31600 x 1200270.40 x 202.80150
CDS-EP-312-TT2 (Colour)31.21280 x 720691.20 x 388.8047
CDS-EP-312-TT231.22560 x 1440691.20 x 388.8094
CDS-EP-420-TT1422160 × 2880642.6 x 856.885

Flexible Substrate: 

Part NumberSize (inches)Resolution (W x H) Active Area (mm)DPI
CDS-EP-011-TT21.1240 x 24027.96 x 27.96218
CDS-EP-013-TT11.3256 x 25623.30 x 23.30279
CDS-EP-014-TT11.43296 x 12814.46 x 33.45225
CDS-EP-014-TT61.43128 x 29614.46 x 33.45224
CDS-EP-029-TC12.9300 x 20061.50 x 41.00123
CDS-EP-040-TC24.05480 x 72057.13 x 85.69213
CDS-EP-040-TC34.05480 x 72057.13 x 85.69213
CDS-EP-047-TC14.7960 x 54058.32 x 103.68234
CDS-EP-103-TC110.31404 x 1872157.25 x 209.66226
CDS-EP-133-TT313.32200 x 1650270.60 x 202.95206


By default, it will show just a blank white page, and then when a charge is applied to the pixel, a black ink will rise to the front of the display to turn it black. By doing this across the display, it can display text and simple graphics very easily. Once the pixel colour is swapped, it doesn’t require a charge to stay that way, you only need power to change pages. Therefore, battery life for devices such as a Kindle Paperwhite is advertised as being able to last for weeks.


 Key Features;

– Industry standard SPI interface

– Evaluation Kits available for easy set up and development

Possible industrial / commercial applications:

– Low Power Digital signage

– Low power electronics shelf label (ESL)

– Low power Digital shelf edge

– Transportation info displays

– Traffic signs including solar powered etc.

Benefits of CDS E-Paper Technology:

– Low Power Consumption – ePaper is bi-stable and doesn’t consume energy once the text/images are in place.

– Sunlight Readable – ePaper reflects light just like ordinary paper providing the best digital experience for the viewer because of the stable image, wide viewing angle and reflective properties rather than emitting its own light.

– Natural looking text in any lighting condition.

– Durable and Reliable – Comprehensive environmental robustness – continuously improved sealant methods, moisture protection, UV block and mechanical protection.

e-paper spec
9-7 inch E-Paper Display from CDS

Full Evaluation Kits for E-Paper low power Displays Available Upon Request



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