Inotouch PCAP Touch Screens

Inotouch PCAP Touch Screens

INOTOUCH projected capacitive touch screens (PCAP) with Silver Pattern Touch Technology are available from 15.0″ to 23″.


  • Dual Touch
  • very narrow bezel area
  • light transmission: >85%
  • for mechanical protection a chemically hardened cover glass up to 3mm thickness can be added
  • HID compliant, no drivers required Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux
  • Android compliant


SizeGlassPart NumberController
15"2.1mm glass, narrow bezelDP150FF027CL087-08ETP-MB-EXC204252UAG
15.6"2mm glass, narrow bezelDP156FF025CL060-02ETP-MB-EXC204252UAG
20"2.1mm glass, narrow bezelDP200FF027CL200-01ETP-MB-EXC203866UAG
21.5"2mm glass, narrow bezelDP215FF025CL165-01ETP-MB-EXC204478UAG
23"2.1mm glass, narrow bezelDP230FF026CL174-04ETP-MB-EXC204478UAG

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