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CDS is an industry leader in gaming display and winning number displays used in casinos, lottery machines, Sports betting machines, maximum bet display and gaming machines throughout Europe and the U.S. with our display performance being unparalleled and will provide you with  solutions that you can count on. We will work closely with you to build exactly what you need. CDS’s excellent Gaming and Casino Monitors, square monitors, floating monitors, curved LCDs and solutions for Gaming Displays (and casino screens) offer you excellent alternatives with versatility & compatibility to the sometimes inflexible large multinationals which have a small range of standard products.

We build strong partnerships with our customers. Broader gaming component distributors who are often known for having limited understanding and experience of Display solutions and Gaming monitors, and we even offer an excellent alternative to Far Eastern supply where the quality and reliability can be inconsistent. Our monitors are engineered for durability and ease of integration reducing your downtime and operational inefficiencies. The unique range of gaming, Sports betting terminals, Casino and kiosk displays offer total customisation being built to the highest quality with longevity and quality at the best price being the primary focus.

gaming monitor
gaming monitor

Features & Benefits For CDS Casino Gaming Monitors

  • Low Latency and High Refresh Rate:

    • Benefit: Reduced input lag and smoother motion, providing a more responsive and immersive gaming experience.
  • High Resolution:

    • Benefit: Clear and detailed visuals, enhancing the overall quality of graphics and animations in casino games.
  • Security Features (e.g., Anti-Tamper Mechanisms, Encryption):

    • Benefit: Protection against unauthorized access and tampering, ensuring the integrity and security of the gaming systems.
  • Customization Options (LED Lighting, Bezels):

    • Benefit: Branding flexibility and a unique gaming environment, allowing casinos to tailor the displays to their specific themes and aesthetics.
  • Integration with Casino Management Systems:

    • Benefit: Centralized control, monitoring, and data analysis, streamlining casino operations and management.
  • Wide Viewing Angles (e.g., IPS Panels):

    • Benefit: Ensures that players have clear visibility from various positions, accommodating multiple viewers without compromising image quality.
  • Durability and Reliability:

    • Benefit: Monitors are designed to withstand continuous operation, providing long-term reliability and minimizing the risk of malfunctions.
  • Touchscreen Capabilities:

    • Benefit: Enables interactive gaming experiences, allowing players to directly engage with games and enhancing overall entertainment value.
  • Adaptive Sync Technologies (e.g., G-Sync, FreeSync):

    • Benefit: Eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, ensuring smooth and tear-free visuals during gameplay.
  • Anti-Glare Coating:

    • Benefit: Reduces reflections and glare, improving visibility in various lighting conditions and providing a clear view of gaming content.

Multiple Sizes Available

custom design to suit your application

Available with PCAP Touchscreen

Available With LED Halo

Industrial Design - Optimum Durability

Up to 4K UHD Resolution

Low Cost Solutions

curved monitors available

Why Not Customize your solution?

What Is A Casino Gaming Monitor?

A casino gaming monitor is a specialized type of display designed for use in casino gaming environments. These monitors are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the gaming industry, providing features that enhance the gaming experience for both players and casino operators.

We are Pleased to Announce Our New Range of Curved Gaming displays

Curved Gaming Monitors, LED edge lit displays (Halo screens), curved LCDs and Casino Monitors have recently spiralled into popularity especially in the gaming & casino industry. We have also seen installs in commercial markets, trade shows and more. Curved Monitors can create exciting opportunities for casino slot machines, entertainment kiosks, digital signage, central control centres, as well as medical applications.


Where are our Gaming & Casino monitors used?

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The CDS Warranty

Our TFT LCD displays and monitors include a minimum 12-month warranty (extended warranty available). We prioritize a continuous supply, supporting and servicing products from our Main HQ and European offices. With years of experience in digital displays, curved LCDs, touchscreens, and interface card technology, we offer specialized solutions for Gaming, Casino, and Sports betting terminals, enhancing the value for our customers.

Firmware Customization

CDS supports firmware customization EGA / CGA up to a maximum resolution. CDS also offers drop in alternatives to Bestech monitors, Fantalooks displays, Elo touchscreens, Eurocoin monitors, Goldfinger monitors, Betson enterprises, indestructable monitors, all Korean manufacturers as well as anyone you are using. Send us a data sheet.

open frame gaming monitor

Application Fields

Developed for Gaming and other professional 27/7 applications, CDS monitors with ultra high bright LCDs offer a wide range of application fields. Whether open frame or standalone CDS monitor solutions and slim footprint monitors, can be expanded with additional features such as safety glass, touch sensors and LCD controller boards and prove their long term availability and their “Form, Fit & Function” design.

Our Casino Gaming Expertise

We are experts in manufacturing, sourcing, specifying, and supplying hardware for the sports betting, gaming, and amusements industries with years of industry experience. We have successfully supported the gaming and sports betting industries for decades by creating custom designs and supplying quality, proven components. We are fast and flexible, uniquely able to quickly customize to suit your needs. We are platform agnostic with an established supply chain allowing us to source components quickly.

CDS PCAP touch monitors
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Why Choose CDS to be your monitor supplier?

We offer custom monitors, Touchscreen monitors, curved LCDs, and floating monitors tailored to your design preferences. Our designs can seamlessly integrate with major manufacturers, featuring true flat glass to glass designs or vandal-resistant thick cover glasses. With years of expertise, CDS provides slim footprint, chemically strengthened PCAP glass, and ultra-high brightness LCDs for superior picture quality.

Our Advanced Touch Accuracy is double that of other products in the market, making our displays ideal for gaming, kiosk displays, and on-screen experiences. The super-fast response time of our PCT technology, as fast as 25 milliseconds, is suitable for high-speed multiple touches in modern gaming or betting terminals.

Equipped with robust metal housings and various software features, our standalone monitors are suitable for professional 24/7 applications. They offer alternatives and replacements for various manufacturers, providing clarity and touch options like MicroTouch Single-Touch SCT, MicroTouch Multi-Touch PCAP System, Projective Glass (SCT / PCAP Options), and ThruTouch.

Quality and Reliability

Crystal Display Systems Ltd is widely recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. With a solid reputation in the display solutions industry, they consistently deliver products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our dedication to quality begins with meticulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process, ensuring that each component is carefully crafted to the highest standards. By employing advanced technologies and adhering to strict quality control measures, Crystal Display Systems Ltd consistently produces display systems that are robust, durable, and reliable.

Furthermore, Crystal Display Systems Ltd places a strong emphasis on reliability throughout their operations. We utilize rigorous testing procedures to validate the performance and durability of our products, ensuring that they can withstand even the most demanding environments.

Our skilled engineers and technicians meticulously analyse and fine-tune each display system, guaranteeing optimal functionality and longevity. This meticulous approach to reliability installs confidence in customers, as they can rely on Crystal Display Systems Ltd to deliver solutions that consistently perform at an exceptional level.

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