Mini ITX

The Mini ITX is one of the most popular motherboards in use today.

It offers the same functionality as the full size ATX board but scaled down to a much smaller footprint, measuring 170 x 170mm.

The smaller footprint allows the board to be used in space concious applications and reduces the cost making it one of the best value motherboards.

With the footprint being slightly bigger than the 3.5″ SBC there is a lot more flexibility in terms of compatible processors and more room for expansion slots and other input outputs.

The power consumption is also very low making them perfect for applications where size, power and cost are deciding factors.

The boards can also be supplied with a heatsink, operating system, custom cable set to direct drive the LCD, RAM, HDD / SSD, Touchscreen, LCD panel and we can even customize the inputs / outputs on the board to control additional hardware if need be.

If you have an enquiry or wish to discuss your requirements in more detail then please contact us.