ShadowSense 2D 3D

What is ShadowSense?

ShadowSense™ is a revolutionary new 2D and 3D tracking technology that will produce highly effective and accurate results at a cost well below that of systems currently on the market. Although tracking systems have been in existence for some time, the existing implementations are both over complex and typically extremely expensive, putting them outside of the reach of many low – cost applications that would benefit greatly from such technology.

Based on a proprietary imaging technology, ShadowSense™ tracking technology is capable of accurately measuring the position of a given object’s “shadow”. By determining the relative angle and other characteristics of the shadow cast by an object, the object’s position in space can be fixed. The simplicity and effectiveness of Baanto’s technology offers significant advantages over competing technologies across a range of applications.


  • True Multi-touch performance with 2 and 5 touch point options available
  • Real-time touch area data provided for all touch points.
  • Solid touch activation
    • Senses solid objects 2 millimeters or greater in diameter
  • 6 to 8 millisecond response time
  • Better than 2 millimeter accuracy across the entire touch surface
    • No ghosting or dead zones
  • Static object detection and rejection
    • Continues to function with debris on the screen
  • 3 mm tempered glass with 91% optical clarity
    • 93% and 95% transmissivity options available
  • IP65 rated front seal (bezel to glass)
  • USB HID interface to host
    • Windows 7 compliant
    • No drivers or CPU based processing
  • Calibration free
    • Mechanically and thermally stable
    • No aging affects


ShadowSense Touch overlays are now available in a wide variety of sizes:

SizePart NumberActive Width (mm)Active Height (mm)
19" WideTP-190W-001-SS408255
21.5" WideTP-215-001-SS476268
22" WideTP-220-001-SS474296
32" WideTP-320-001-SS704403
42" WideTP-420-001-SS939530
46" WideTP-460-001-SS1025579
55" WideTP-550-001-SS1213689
65" WideTP-650-001-SS1442815
70" WideTP-700-001-SS1551871
72" WideTP-720-001-SS1601903
80" WideTP-800-001-SS1773997
84" WideTP-840-001-SS18711056
85" WideTP-850-001-SS18821067

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