USB LAN industrial Controllers and LAN/USB LCD Panel Controller Board

USB LAN industrial Controllers from CDS Connect Flat Panel and USB-Devices over Ethernet or USB to give you the best low power solution to help optimise your product and application.

Features of USB LAN industrial Controllers:

  • Connect up to 6 displays to one PC over extended desktop without additional graphics card
  • 10/100 Mbit + Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • USB 2.0 Support
  • Supports resolutions up to Full HD, WUXGA and QWXGA
  • Power Supply up to 24v (12v / 24v or 5v only support)
  • DisplayLink UGA Technology DL-1×5
  • USB Hub (3 USB 2.0 Ports for additional USB devices)
  • USB Touch Controller for 4wire or 5wire resistive touches
  • Optional DVI-RGB analogue interface

d.screen USB HYBRID is a cost effective innovative board solution for high performance USB 2.0 and / or Ethernet connected displays based on DisplayLink`s latest DL1x5 device family and EliteSilicon`s USB over IP technology. It is designed to act as a direct interface between either USB 2.0 or Ethernet network and LCD TFT displays from VGA up to Full-HD/WUXGA/QWXGA. A highly efficient power-management makes the d.screen USB Hybrid the perfect solution for portable multifunctional monitors. Optimise your product today.


 USB LAN industrial Controllers with Display Link Technology

  • Supports Windows 7, Windows 2000, XP and Vista
  • Supports Apple OS X-Tiger 10.4.11 and Leopard 10.5.6
  • Optional Linux Support
  • Microsoft WHQL Signed Drivers
  • Support screen rotations, mirror mode or extended desktop
  • Lossless compression protocol


Elite Silicon Technology

  • Soc USB Server Solutions
  • Supports 10/100Mbase-Tx Ethernet
  • Integrates many functions like 10/100Mbase-Tx Ethernet PHY controller, USB 2.0 PHY
  • Supports interrupt, control, bulk and isochronous USB transfers
  • Supports DHCP, Automatic IP Address configuration
  • Embedded USB 2.0 host controller and transceiver
  • Driver fully Microsoft WHQL signed

Variations of USB LAN industrial Controllers:

We have 4 configurations of the d.screen hybrid solution.

Overview Table:

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