Protecting your users in modern times

Protective films for touchscreens have never been more prevalent than what they are now in 2020. Especially when research has shown that the Covid Virus can live on touchscreens for 28 days.

In these difficult times it has shown us all more than ever that we need to protect ourselves and others from bacteria and virus’ in a public environment. As a result, consumers could be feeling reluctant to touch things which are not necessary. Consequently, many companies could be concerned their touchscreens are now redundant if consumers are disinclined to use them.

This is an avoidable outcome, in the summer Crystal Display Systems Ltd launched a range of protective films for touchscreens. The CDS-ABF range has been designed to protect touchscreens which are already out in the field. A simple yet effective, post-install retrofit for touchscreens to make them safe. The films have anti-bacterial properties which will ensure a sense of trust for users when utilizing touch screen systems once again.

Touchscreens up to 80” can now be protected with our CDS-ABF range which kills 99.9% of all bacteria and pathogens with a silver nanoparticle coating. CDS can protect any shape or size with the CNC cut films. 

Protective Glass and Custom Designed Rebuilds

Not only this, to compliment the CDS-ADF protective films, CDS are incredibly happy to announce the new AVABG range of Antiviral / Antibacterial glass. This is where the glass is coated at the front end, the manufacturing stage. This protective glass is available in the form of a simple glass protection over the display, or as a cover glass which forms part of the PCAP touch screen sandwich construction. Like all PCAP touch solutions, the glass thickness can be varied depending on the end application.

Moreover, we have an extensive range of surface finish combinations including anti-fingerprint, anti-glare or anti-reflective (V-band or U band).  CDS produce these protective touch solutions up to an impressive 60”.

Typical applications include public kiosk, payment terminals, medical instruments, gaming machines etc.

Where customers see this as a benefit, CDS are keen to look at new designs or alternatives to existing products. All that is required is details of the design and the CDS engineers will support the transition to the AVABG solution.

Take a look at our CDS-ABF presentation as below;

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