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CDS are the standout partner for Rapid Display Design-in Services

Custom display assembly projects can be complex, time-consuming, and fraught with challenges. However, with the right partner, navigating through the eleven stages or phases of a project becomes a smoother journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore how CDS stands out with their rapid display design-in services, focusing on the crucial Preliminary Design Phase.

Understanding the Preliminary Design Phase

The Preliminary Design Phase marks a critical juncture in custom display assembly projects, where the foundation for the entire assembly is laid. CDS recognizes the importance of this phase, and their approach is geared towards efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Component and Bonding Method Selection

The first task in this phase involves the meticulous selection of components and bonding methods for constructing the custom display assembly. CDS prioritizes the identification and selection of standard components that align with the specifications outlined in the earlier Concept Phase. This includes the pivotal choice of the TFT panel, a key component dictating both optical performance and electrical interface.

Customer Satisfaction through Demonstration

At this stage, CDS goes the extra mile by demonstrating these standard components to the customer. The objective is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the performance of selected components, especially focusing on critical aspects like TFT panel optical performance, backlight brightness, and touch panel sensitivity. This proactive approach allows for early feedback and ensures that the customer’s expectations align with the selected components.

Bonding Method Exploration

CDS recognizes that the selection of the bonding method, whether optical or tape, is crucial, impacting both mechanical and optical specifications. To address this, they recommend demonstrating the TFT panel using both bonding methods. This approach not only helps in making informed decisions but also provides customers with a tangible understanding of the impact of bonding methods on performance.

Challenges and Solutions

The Preliminary Design Phase is not without its challenges, the primary one being demonstrating the performance of selected standard components in the actual operating conditions of the final custom display assembly. CDS tackles this challenge by leveraging a diverse selection of demos and a resourceful engineering team. This ensures that the components can withstand real-world conditions, giving customers confidence in the reliability and performance of the custom display assembly.

CDS’s Advantage

CDS’s rapid display design-in services shine in the Preliminary Design Phase by offering a streamlined and customer-centric approach. By focusing on early customer engagement, component demonstration, and exploring bonding methods, CDS mitigates challenges effectively, accelerating the custom display assembly project timeline.


Embarking on a custom display assembly project can be a daunting task, but with CDS’s expertise and rapid design-in services, the journey becomes more manageable and efficient. The Preliminary Design Phase sets the tone for success, and CDS’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions makes them a standout partner in the realm of custom monitor development.

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