CDS has seen an increasing number of customers upgrade their monitors to panel PCs. Traditionally customers would design in a touch monitor with HDMI input and a separate PC board. This is a tried and tested solution but may not be the most efficient.

Embedding the motherboard into the chassis design gives a clean solution which eliminates the need for an AD HDMI board and thus reduces a failure point. Having an All-in-One (AIO) solution also makes the mechanical assembly much easier as there is no need to worry about routing cable looms / small connectors and it reduces the risk of compatibility issues going forward.

Our most popular solution is the Intel®Celeron®J1900 quad core processor-based motherboard as it is fan-less and performs incredibly well versus its cost. We know the J1900 may not meet all our varied customer’s requirements and we are able to upgrade this where needed.

Two recent examples where this update has taken place is detailed – firstly a client who developed a 19” 1000cd monitor for a marine application. Through the development process and ongoing technical discussions, we have customised their original version to include the J1900 board, IP66 front touch bezel, IP65 rear protection with waterproof connectors. As it is used in a marine application, we have an Aluminium front bezel and full SUS316 stainless steel casing. 

Rugged Panel PCs for Mining Industry

The second example is a client who wanted a 12.1” 1000cd monitor for use in a mining production piece of equipment. Through discussion we have upgraded it to embed the same J1900 board and have adapted the design to include 5 x RS485 ports for system control. The solution has an IP66 panel mount PCAP touchscreen / Aluminium bezel and UV protection.  The operating temp is -30 to +70degC so is a true rugged application.

Quality Built High Bright Panel PC from CDS

CDS put their IP66 FULL Waterproof Panel PC through Vigorous Testing

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