Why a CDS Ruggedised Custom Monitor?

Every engineer should have the chance to design their own ruggedised custom monitors, well this is what we believe here at CDS and therefore we are offering a one stop shop for design builds.

We make customised rugged monitors seem so effortless that you will wonder why you never did it before.

Check out this exploded view of our custom solutions, it will blow your mind. A closer look behind the framework of our monitors to identify all the parts and components which make our end products the perfectly compatible solution for your requirements.

We urge design engineers to start the conversation with us, what new features could you benefit from in a new monitor design for your application? How could implementing all your needs into a brand-new design benefit your final solution and benefit you in the long run?


Ruggedised Custom Monitor Exploded View to Blow your Mind

The fantastic rugged monitor example used in this animation is a high-end value engineered semi outdoor display system for use in a digital information application.

The highly advanced system includes an integrated industrial PC, electronic surveillance system for monitoring system health and performance, as well as an intelligent heating system.

Not only this, built in sensors assist the display in ambient light, there is backlight monitoring as well as shock, and moisture resistance, and temperature measuring.

A complete, all-in-one design from CDS’ custom solutions department. Just one example of where the CDS team has received a comprehensive scope from a customer and our designers and technicians have pulled out all the stops to create the bespoke product the customer and end user have been dreaming of.

This display is high brightness, with 1000cd backlight, optically bonded to vandal resistance 6mm glass, giving excellent visibility in outdoor environments.

The mechanical construction includes a first level access panel for in-field service.

Also included is a high-end dual band 4G router and puck antenna for remote connection to the client’s data service.

A phenomenal system that has been designed and tested by the outstanding CDS Tech Team to IP65 water/dust resistance, and CE certified.

Rugged, Durable, Reliable, and YOURS

Customise your own rugged monitor with CDS, collaborating your concepts with our skill set for the perfect solution.

Your innovative customised digital display solutions can be brought to the market in no time. To begin, simply pick up the phone, email or to make it even easier complete our 10-click monitor builder form here.

A desired concept can quickly turn into a reality with the CDS team, let us help you today.

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