Sharp 17.8cm (7”) widescreen TFTs for rugged industrial usage

17.8cm (7”) widescreen TFTs for industrial usage

Sharps new strong²-solution TFT is especially designed for rough industrial environments with high demands for shock and vibration resistance.

It is specified with a temperature range of –30°C…+80°C and a life time of the LED-backlight of 50.000 hours (LQ070Y3LG1C). With new materials and an optimized construction the TFT is designed to meet high requirements regarding acceleration up to 9.8m/s² and for vibration test in the range of 57 to 500 kHz.

The brightness of the TFT is specified with 400 cd/m², the contrast ratio with 400:1. The TFT is made for industrial applications, portable test-, measurement- and input-devices. Due to the wide temperature range the module is also suitable for outdoor usage.

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