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DPA interviewed our Technical Director, Tony Large regarding our temperature checking tablets. DPA wanted to learn more about how the TAURI can minimise the spread of infection. Please see below. 

Lock down has now been lifted and life is slowly adapting to the new realities of social distancing and enhanced levels of hygiene and symptom awareness. Crystal Display Systems have partnered with Glory Star to aid this movement into the “new norm”. Introducing a new product that will give some reassurances to workplaces and public spaces.

temperature checking system in retail

Much more than a standard tablet

The TAURI by Glory Star, a temperature sensing tablet, is an adaptation to CDS’ existing range of distributed commercial tablet devices. With the addition of a thermal imaging camera system to monitor the temperature of staff and visitors.

Coupled with a simple app and operating system, the solution gives a standalone ‘out of the box’ first layer of defence. With zero contact, providing an automatic temperature sensing system at the entrance to the premises or threshold.

Large notes, “the uptake has probably been the biggest we’ve had on any product launch. We’re selling quite a few to existing CDS customers but also many new customers, particularly in office and retail environments. Plus, there’s a lot of international interest.”

How does CDS’ temperature checking system work?

The TAURI temperature checking system is designed to be simple and intuitive to operate.

TAURI can check a person’s body temperature in under three seconds and within three feet of the monitor using advanced German infrared technology. Achieved without touching a screen. Reducing the need for an inefficient and potentially infectious thermometer. A beep and red light indicate the temperature is too high and a green light when the temperature is acceptable. Further optional functionality includes Mask Detection, overt temperature email alerts, and the option for facial identification (subject to activation). 

Watch the CDS TAURI in action, proving their Accuracy Compared with a Medical Thermometer;

Large said, “I went to visit a local manufacturing factory because they wanted to place a tablet on every external door of the premises. The main reason this product was so attractive to them was its simplicity and practicality. Previously, this company was using an infrared camera on a tripod connected to a laptop, with a person standing there checking the temperature of each employee”.

“We’ve actually had one installed at the entrance to our office. As there are similar products on the market, most being more expensive. We wanted to conduct a comparison test. So, we set them up side by side and straight away noticed two things. The more expensive product wasn’t calibrated properly as it didn’t read the temperature accurately when taken out of the box. Not only this, when we arrived at the office the next morning, it didn’t even work!”

Tauri temperature checking tablet

The Future is TAURI

The TAURI range is future-proof with a range of additional features:

  • Customisable screen saver videos – free advertising!
  • Dual monitor display
  • Face detection
  • Optional facial recognition
  • Cloud control platform to control all devices remotely
  • and more coming soon

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