Small Format HDMI Modules

CDS have launched a new range of Small Format HDMI Modules, ideal for solving any small display requirements and needs. With a HDMI input and optional touch, these HDMI modules are the best small format display solution out there.

Key Features:

  • easy to use and install small format HDMI input PCAP touch displays 4.3” ~ 10.1”
  • low cost and quick delivery
  • high quality and reliable IPS displays
  • work directly with Windows 7/8/10 and X86 systems
  • integrated 5 points capacitive touch with a G+G structure
  • bar type option – wide extended temperature, ideal for automotive projects
  • driver free and easy to operate – simply connect the USB port first to the HDMI LCD module, then connect the HDMI port to the TFT LCD.
Small Format HDMI Modules
Small Format HDMI Modules

Our innovative HDMI displays can be suitable for any application including automotive, military, industrial control systems, gaming, commercial, kiosks, and more.

With HDMI interface and USB power input interface our HDMI modules allow you to display high-quality images and videos from a variety of sources, including computers, media players, and game consoles.

Our customers can quickly connect the HDMI TFT LCD display module into their design board and to connect to their computer with Win 7/8/10 and X86 system, Linux, Android, or connect Raspbian system.

Firstly, our HDMI TFT LCD modules can easily be integrated with other devices via HDMI port and USB power input, such as PC, Ardunio, STM32, Raspberry, and more. Secondly, our HDMI TFTs have a high image quality, and flexibility in terms of size and resolution. Additionally, some HDMI TFT modules could offer capacitive touch-screen functionality or other advanced surface features that can enhance the user experience. They are also widely available and relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for professionals’ application.

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