Small Sized hibrite TFT Displays 3.5” to 6.5”


Crystal Display Systems has introduced a selection of small-format TFT displays featuring high brightness. These TFT displays are particularly suitable for handheld and instrumentation applications in many industrial products including measurement and control technology, medical devices or the automotive industry.

Due to the high brightness and wide temperature range, the displays can be used outdoors and are viewable even in bright ambient light.

Projected capacitive multi touch screens are also available for TFT displays sized 5″ and larger.

With our new Optical Bonding options, touch screens or a protective glass can be bonded to the TFT display reliably, precisely and cost-effectively. Optical Bonding increases the TFT displays’ resistance against shock and vibrations, which is an important advantage in industrial applications. In addition, internal reflections between the glass layers are minimized, which significantly improves the readability.

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These TFT displays are also available as a complete VGA/DVI/Video kits or available with an embedded PC.

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