Our Special-Shaped Digital Signage range, consisting of square and ultra-wide stretched LCDs, is a product line key to helping our customers offer a unique vertical market for multiple application scenarios.

Special-Shaped Digital Signage displays are manufactured by cutting standard sized LCD panels, creating unique sizes for show-stopping and unusual visual tools. Real-time, dynamic messages can be spread across multiple platforms and channels via distinctive displays, unlike the standard digital signage you see in the market.

Not only is the quirky look of the misshaped LCDs a huge aesthetics advantage but there is also the benefit of space saving attributes, some applications struggle with standard LCD due to space limitations. Square and stretched LCDs come to the rescue in these narrow and limited cases. Our panel cutting technology is a cost-effective way of making use of these usually wasted spaces.

THE NEW MO-505-EW4K-1000-L

  • 50.5” Resizing LCD
  • Resizing display (aspect ratio of 16:2.2)
  • Sunlight readable, high brightness (1,000 nits)
  • Resolutions: 3840×536
  • Wide view angle of 178°(H),178°(V)
  • Slim Bezel
  • BL MTBF: 100,000 hours

THE NEW MO-352-SQ-1000-L

  • 35.2″ resizing LCD
  • Square Screen (7.7: 9)
  • High Brightness 1000 nits
  • Resolutions: 1850 x 2160
  • LED Backlight Low Power Consumption
  • BL MTBF: 100,000 hours

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