Case Studies Bringing Ideas to Life

Here at CDS, we assist the design and manufacture of some of the most innovative and specialist displays in the market but that would all be futile without our clever customers and their integrators.

A stretched LCD project is very dependent on clever content as well as the fabrication and install. Both key contributing factors to a successful stretched LCD application.  

It is very rare for us to see the end result for our displays and projects, but we have been very lucky over the years with customers who have shared their masterpieces with us.

What the Stretched LCD Range can offer

Stretched LCD displays suit every application. We have seen installs within the industrial, retail, automotive, rail, and gaming arenas and they excel in every single one.

We have a set range of standard options, as well as having options to customise with touch interaction and more. Not only this, but we can also offer robust and IP rated options for outdoor and extreme environment applications.

Check out the latest Stretched Display Installs via our brand new Ultra-Wide Stretched / Bar LCD Case Studies page.

You can see the latest installs with information regarding the product taken, install and application details, and even images and videos of the stretched displays in action.

It could spur on the creative juices for your next creative display design.

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Key Benefits of Stretched Display Installs

  • Unique aspect ratio to catch viewers’ attention
  • No special software required
  • Stunning high-resolution images
  • Industrial grade LCD solutions for optimum performance and reliability
  • Connect to existing Media Players, PCs and more via HDMI

Options for your own Stretched Display Install

  • Vast range of Screen Sizes from 6.2″ to 88″
  • High Brightness Sunlight Readable LED Backlight up to 3,200 nits
  • Up to 4K UHD resolution
  • Available as enclosed monitors or component parts for integration
  • Wide range of video inputs available
  • Optional PCAP and IR Multi Touch Screens
  • IP65 / IP66 Options Available

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