Successfully Implementing a Touch Screen in Retail

In the modern world the shopping experience is completely different to what it was years ago! With most commercial trade happening online retailers are now feeling the pressure of offering consumers a method of easy and convenient shopping.

This can be achieved with commercial touch screen displays, providing an easy, interactive and bespoke shopping experience in store. These displays can help improve a customer’s experience with your brand. The modern customer is actively looking to engage and educate themselves about your brand, product or service. Embracing a Touch Screen will help it succeed, but it also needs to work financially for the retailer. To do this the Touch Screen content needs to be created with the end user in mind.

Advertising your product in a more depth manner than ever before is now possible, you can show videos with your product in use (e.g. a catwalk video), present specifications (e.g. a games console), show galleries full of images (e.g. a holiday destination) and even display social media feeds of people discussing your product (e.g. a Twitter feed of mentions for trainers).

Touch Screens are also beneficial as they allow you to offer targeted promotions to those who visit in store. Offering incentives to customers to not go online is a great way to increase brand loyalty. A payment system is also a great use of your Touch Screen. No additional hardware is needed if you allow for customers to pay for their goods and services using the screen and their card using an online payment system.

For large retail locations the screen can also double as a wayfinding tool. Guiding customers to exactly where they want to go exponentially increases their experience in your store and thus increasing the chance of them making a purchase. Getting customer feedback is a great way to inform your future business decisions. By asking customers to complete short surveys on a Touch Screen in store you can get instant feedback on customers’ experiences.

The whole world is now touch screen orientated making it more and more important that your brand evolves with society to adapt to this new way of shopping. By choosing to install a Touch Screen kiosk, a store is making a real statement about improving their customer’s experience within their shop. Offering this highly sensory experience will leave a lasting impression with your customer and will keep them coming back again and again.

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