Sunlight Readable Displays

Sunlight Readable Displays from CDS

Here at CDS we specialize in sunlight readable displays.

We offer 3 different technologies to optimize display performance in direct sunlight.


1. Optical Bonding

The latest technology in sunlight readability and our preferred solution.

A special optical adhesive is applied directly to the TFT with a layer of glass sandwiched on top.

The adhesive provides optimum performance in sunlight and th glass increases durability.

The glass can also have an integrated through glass touchscreen for interactive applications, outdoor kiosks etc.

This is the same technology as what is used on Apple’s iPhone 4.

For a more detailed overview of this technology please click here.




2. High Brightness

Another great way of achieving sunlight readability is with a high brightness display.

Popular way of increasing display performance in direct sunlight.

Not suitable for every application as they have a higher power consumption and generate more heat.

If you are interested in our high brightness solutions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.






3. Transflective Displays

A translflective display, is a combination of a transmissive display and a reflective display.

A special filter is applied to the TFT display, to allow the panel to transmit light as well as reflect the outdoor light.

Not recommended for high resolution displays, as they have a narrower pixel aperture and thus reducing the amount of light reflected.

If you are interested in our transflective solutions then please do not hesitate to contact us.