TAURI Promotion, Limited Time Offer

In many countries, including the UK, governments and communities are discussing opening up businesses, schools and cultural institutions. In the UK, schools have gone back already and soon we will be back to work and back to the social hives of pubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, etc.

It is therefore more important than ever to keep everyone safe this time round, and to avoid heading back to another spike in Covid-19 rates and back into another lockdown. One of the key tools for safety is temperature checking. Here at CDS, we want to help and starting today we are offering a special promotion and just in time with the official announcement of the TAURI Cloud release.

Please contact your account manager for the special offer details. If you are a new customer, please see our contact details at the bottom of this post.

TAURI Cloud, manage temperature data anytime, anywhere

You can now review all data on your TAURI temperature checking tablets on the TAURI Cloud. Whether you are pulling data from a single tablet or multiple tablets, the connecting process is simple as no wires are necessary during the syncing process.

The TAURI Cloud is a powerful companion to all temperature check tablets where users can compare day to day temperature data, review abnormal cases, staff entry information, manage settings on multiple devices and review the entire history of collected data.

Enhancing the experience of the TAURI

Release Date for the TAURI Cloud – 26.03.2021

New Features of the 3.1.6 software update:

  • Star Control – GloryStar’s remote monitoring platform – Star Control has now been installed for the TAURI models and can be activated on the device for cloud monitoring, remote OTA updates along with many other features
  • TAURI Cloud – Plugin on Star Control – this enables you to see all temperature being detected in real time, login to staff profiles and much more
  • Printer Support – Now supports Seiko MP-A20/30/40 printers via Bluetooth and GP-3120TU through USB connection
  • Application Switch – Through modifying 3rd party application with codes provided by Glorystar, TAURI can now inter-switch between applications after temperature scanning
  • Loading Screen – with tips and tricks for TAURI replaces the existing initializing screen
  • API change – API data has been changed from JSON to Form-data, and so the additional information has been added:
  2. FACE user group
  3. FACE info
  4. Real time image of the scanned individual

TAURI Cloud Free 3-month trial

To celebrate the exciting news of the TAURI Cloud launch, we are offering customers a 3-month free trial. This trial will offer you a demo account for testing the STARCONTROL and TAURI CLOUD plug-in function.

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