TAURI Full Range in YouTube Demo

Watch our Newly posted YouTube video – Full Range of the CDS TAURI Temperature Checking Tablet Intro.

CDS Tauri Temeprature Tablet range

Our technical director Tony Large explores the full range of the temperature checking TAURI tablets, showcasing the 10.1″, 15.6″ and 21.5″, explaining the features and benefits in real time. You can even see how accurate the tablets are as they detect Tony’s temperature as he demonstrates the technology, dropping the temperature range to show what happens when an “unacceptable” temperature is detected.

One feature showcased in the video is the addition of an extra monitor that can run from the tablet as the tablets have an HDMI out which is a great benefit for customers who wish to install an advanced monitoring system.

Tony also discusses the NEW FEATURES which are coming soon such as facial and mask recognition, this is optional.

For further information please visit – https://crystal-display.com/products/checkvue-tauri-temperature-sensing-tablet/

Or contact us on info@crystal-display.com or call +44 (0) 1634 791 600.

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