Forget hand-held thermometers and opt for a speedy, touch-free, and ultra-efficient stand-alone temperature screening system. Our Tauri will instil a sense of trust and safety across any industry.

Either on the return to work or on the return to your vicinities.

Create Piece of Mind and Trust in any Application

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Key Features & Benefits of Implementing the Tauri Temperature Screening System:

  • Save your staff from awkward hand-held temperature devices which visitors may find to be an invasion of space
  • Complete solution – hardware, software, and user interface. Can even be linked to a designated server.
  • Ease in installation with multiple mounting options
  • Over the air updates – easily upgradeable to the improved software in one click
  • Customised temperature result messages
  • Can store up to 5,000 faces

Tauri 2.0.4 Software Update Latest Features (3.0 COMING SOON!):

  • API with third party integration
  • New BETA updates
  • Increased USB update
  • Enable and disable face detection
  • Improved email notifications
  • Auto calibration
  • Chime sound for acceptable temperature

Watch this space, even more updates are coming soon with Tauri 3.0 and the Tauri Cloud!


✅ 100% contact free means of temperature testing

✅ Hygienic and non-invasive 

✅ Accurate results with tolerance of +- 0.3 degree Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz

✅ Quick and reliable measurements within 1 second and at 0.5 to 1 meter


✅ Facial recognition recognises users wearing masks, still providing an accurate reading

✅ Remind guests to wear their mask before entry

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