TFT Displays

Here at CDS we specialize in LCD TFT displays and represent many major manufacturers in the UK.

Our standard panels range from 3″ to 82″ but others may be available upon request.



High quality industrial LCD TFT flat panel displays which are designed according to the high demands of the industry:

  • 3″ to 17.5″
  • High Product Stability
  • Long Term availability & backward compatibility
  • Wide temperature range
  • Ideal for long life industrial or outdoor applications


Industrial TFT flat panel displays with the best screen quality and excellent features from the worldwide largest TFT manufacturer:

  • 15″ to 82″
  • Monitor TFT from 15″ to 27″ for industrial monitors & display terminals etc
  • TV TFT from 23″ to 46″ for TV and multimedia applications
  • DID TFT from 32″ to 82″ for digital signage and advertising



PowerView industrial TFT flat panel displays with LED backlightingare perfectly suited for the use in very bright and harsh environments:

  • 5.7″ to 20.1″
  • High brightness
  • Sunlight readable
  • Wide temperature range


AUO industrial TFT flat panel displays from 6.5″ up to 19″size

  • 6.5″ to 19″
  • Wide temperature range
  • Cost effective
  • LED options available
  • Integrated LED driver


LG Display TFT flat panel displays for industrial applications

  • 6.4″ to 22″
  • Optimal cost performance ratio


ChiMei TFT LCD Displays are perfectly suited for the use in industrial applications:

  • 7″ TO 22″
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Wide operating temperature
  • 5 year availability (for G- series and R- series)


Pixel Qi displays:

  • 10.1″
  • Use anywhere – sunlight readable
  • Transmissive, transflective and reflective mode
  • Low power consumption


We also have a wide variety of interface solutions available from Display Solutions.