The Amazing Yeebo’s One Glass Solution Capacitive Touch Panels

Yeebo are manufacturing the latest mutual capacitance touch panel (CTP) technology, OLS, which combines the glass‐cover‐lens with a CTP in one single Glass substrate.

Extra info on the new technology and advantages;

  • Guaranteed long term availability
  • Produced in‐house the ITO (Indium‐Tin‐Oxide) coated glass has highly controlled sheet resistance.
  • Yeebo has heavily invested in 3rd generation state of the art, automated inline ITO coating sheet processing.
  • With the unique technology of OGS, Yeebo can offer a real cost advantage over other CTP technologies.
  • Highly flexible, especially for full custom designs combining touch panel and cover lens in a single sheet – avoids the need for optical bonding between sensor and cover lens further reducing cost.
  • The form factor of the OGS can be manufactured to suit your application.
  • The maximum external dimensions are 480 x 340mm.
  • The active area of the CTP area can be specified within a specified border within the outline dimensions.
  • The tiny width of the ITO electrodes achieve the highest resolution touch experience
  • OGS are best fitting for TFTs in the range of 2.0” up to 15.6” diagonal but also can be applied to passive LCD (e.g. FSTN or VA).
  • System requirements can be matched to Android, Microsoft, Linux etc.
  • The glass substrate can be from 1.2mm to 1.8mm thick, with 3.4mm thick coming soon.
  • Maximum dimensions are up to 15.6 inch diagonal.
  • The glass substrate can be chemically hardened or tempered with a variety of surface finishes.
  • Resistant to water droplets.
  • Touch sensors 30 to 68 channel.
  • Multi touch 2-10 fingers

yeebo tfts

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