Let us show you just how capable we are

Here at CDS we have created this CDS Capability Wheel graphic to clearly show our capabilities.

Many of our customers and acquaintances know who we are but may not know fully what we do and may not have the correct, complete picture of everything we can do.

Most know we are well known for being leading designers, distributors and value added resellers of flat panel displays solutions.

Those who have not worked closely with us before may not recognise us for the below. 

Key Capabilities

  • Our development abilities – with a strong R&D team with multiple years of experience in the displays market we can not only offer the ideal solutions to our clients and partners but can also design and develop solutions closely with our customers, creating new products to best meet project requirements. We even have a monitor builder, click here!
  • Our bespoke nature – by offering our design and development to our clients we offer a service where by we can offer bespoke monitor design for applications with unique needs so we can provide a true Form, Fit and Function product
  • Our rapid response – we work closely with our OEM factories to provide quick sample production – much quicker than most local suppliers
  • Our quality – we are ISO9001 approved
  • Our widespread Global scope – we have production factories in; China, Taiwan and South Korea
  • Our European Design – European design but will far east prices
  • Our quick lead times – not only are we swift to design and produce samples but we are also much quicker with our production lead times then our competition
  • Our unbeatable after sales service – full support through design, development, roll out production AND AFTER support for full technical back up including internal repairs

If you need any further reasons to work with us then please get in contact 

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