The ELT15S 50 x 57 mm Lumineq TFEL Module

The ELT15S 50 x 57 mm  TFEL display designed for use in extreme operating conditions.

The ELT15S is a TASEL® transparent segmented display demonstrator that exhibits the full see- through properties of a TASEL display, be that for functional or aesthetic reasons.

The display is designed to help you evaluate the necessary display size for your own device and to offer guidance concerning what kind of image content you wish to display.

Lumineq® TASEL displays combine the rugged and reliable build of TFELs with the unique freedom of designing a completely transparent display. TASEL is ideal for consumer electronics, architectural use and other fields where viewing experience and product aesthetics is of paramount importance.


  • Colour – TFEL-yellow
  • response time < 1 ms
  • Transparency > 80%
  • Demo size 60 × 145 × 12 mm
  • Technology based on Thin Film Electroluminescence
  • Segmented display (15 segments)
  • The display size is 50 × 57 mm.
  • 750 cd/m2 brightness

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