The MO-421-001-SQ-800-L Dispatched to Another Happy Customer

Our High Bright 42.1″ “Almost Square” Monitor Displaysquarepic

The 42.1” diagonal Resized LCD has a brightness of 800 cd/m2 (nits) with high bright white LED backlight making it suitable for most applications including outdoor sunlight readable applications and store windows. Available in component form or as an enclosed monitor.

With an integrated driver card with VGA & DVI input it is very simple to drive in any application.

It has a resolution (number of pixels) of  1900 x 2160 and an aspect ratio of 8:9.

Another customer chose to go against the norm and chose our unique displays. The square display is ideal for those unusual applications where standard sized LCDs are not appropriate.

To look further into our square displays TFT offerings please visit our Square Displays Webpage where we have three other versions available.

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