The Most Amazing use of Transparent LCDs from CDS?

New Immersive 3D Transparent LCD Technology with no Showcase Box from CDS

We have launched a new concept in transparent technology whereby they have created an amazing 3D effect!CDS you tube

The brand new 3D transparent technology, ‘ClearVue 3DP’, creation is achieved with their transparent LCDs attaining a completely unique transparent experience. Combining an Ultra High brightness LCD with Transparent LCD, using ‘polarmatch’ technology to achieve a positive parallax 3D environment in which to immerse your customer in your brand message.

The high brightness panel and transparent LCD have matched polarisers and work as a pair to create 3D content. The concept allows you to have an active background image, as well as a transparent LCD working in combination.

As an example we have before used a 48” high brightness LCD with 2,000 cd as the rear panel paired with a transparent LCD with matched polarisation approx. 180mm in front of the high brightness display.

CDS 3DP Soldier

This amazing new concept opens up so many new opportunities in design and project creation. Not only does it look fantastic but it means a backlight showcase box is no longer essential for transparent LCD installations which some customers have been struggling with for years due to capabilities and space issues.

A number  of clients have used this concept so far, with a number at development stage,  to create immersive displays with the most incredible and fantastic ideas!

In particular, the ClearVue 3DP has been realised at the Harris Innovation Center in Florida USA. It has been tremendously well received and has even been described as the most talked about experience at the center. This really does achieve that WOW FACTOR.

The technology is not restricted, customers can even put a product between the 2 displays if you wanted to. The limitations are only in the creative ideas.


You can take a look at a video example of the display in action here

If these displays are of interest to you and your company, please contact CDS’ highly experienced and trained team of sales staff who take care of any enquiries. Their unbeatable technical team work closely with customers regarding installation and service worldwide.

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