The Perfect Display Solutions for Bikes and E-Bikes

Enhance Your Ride with Transflective TFT Displays

Our Transflective TFT range of displays is the ideal solution for bikes and e-bike applications. These displays offer designers the opportunity to incorporate a colorful, vibrant display into their designs or as an aftermarket add-on product. With no concerns over visibility in full sunlight or battery depletion from running a high-brightness LED backlight to combat the sun’s rays, Transflective displays are a game-changer.

These displays feature dual-mode operation, functioning purely reflectively when the sun is at its peak and seamlessly transitioning to a backlit display as light levels drop. This ensures full usage, regardless of the lighting conditions. Our range includes sizes from 1.75” (296RGB x 222) to 5.0” (800RGB x 480), with many models incorporating either a single-point 4-Wire Resistive touch or a Capacitive multi-touch with point and gesture functions.

Versatile PMOLED Displays for All Conditions

Another display technology perfectly suited for a variety of outdoor applications, including bikes and e-bikes, is PMOLED. The inherent advantages of OLED technology make it an excellent choice for both full sunlight and dark conditions, as well as extreme temperatures. Since OLEDs are emissive and do not require a backlight, they have a very thin structure of only 2mm, making them ideal for space-saving applications.

Our PMOLED range includes monochrome displays in white, yellow, and blue options, with sizes ranging from 0.19” (128×96) to 5.5” (256×64). For those requiring full-colour displays, we offer RGB options from 0.95” (96RGB x 64) to 1.69” (160RGB x 128). To meet the evolving demands of the market, we are also developing monochrome versions with flexible substrates and transparent options for heads-up and near-eye applications.

Conclusion: Leading the Way in Display Innovation

Whether you’re designing a new bike or e-bike or looking to enhance an existing model, our Transflective TFT and PMOLED displays offer the perfect solution. These advanced display technologies provide exceptional visibility, durability, and versatility, ensuring your product stands out in any lighting condition and climate. Embrace the future of bike and e-bike displays with our cutting-edge solutions and take your designs to the next level.

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