Sunlight Readable Displays
  1. Increase Brightness: To enhance the readability of displays in sunlight, it is crucial to have high brightness levels that can effectively compete with the strong ambient light. Crystal Display Systems Ltd offers high brightness LCD displays and OLED displays with advanced backlighting technology, ensuring clear and bright images even in direct sunlight. Choose displays with high nits (brightness) ratings for optimal performance in outdoor environments.


  1. Reduce Reflectance: Minimizing reflectance on the screen surface is essential to improve visibility in bright outdoor conditions. Crystal Display Systems Ltd provides surface treatments such as Anti-Reflection (AR) and Anti-Glare (AG) films or coatings. These treatments effectively reduce mirror-like reflections of ambient light, resulting in better sunlight readability. Additionally, Crystal Display Systems Ltd offers optical bonding (OCA bonding) to eliminate air gaps and minimize internal reflections, further enhancing sunlight readability.


  1. Consider Transflective or Reflective LCD: Crystal Display Systems Ltd offers transflective or reflective LCD displays that can reflect ambient light onto the screen. This feature increases the screen’s brightness and reduces the impact of ambient light, making the displays suitable for outdoor applications with low power consumption requirements. Transflective LCDs, available in monochrome or colour options, provide a cost-effective solution for sunlight readable displays.


  • Protect the displays with waterproof cases or shields provided by Crystal Display Systems Ltd to ensure durability in outdoor environments.
  • Implement heat dissipation designs recommended by Crystal Display Systems Ltd to prevent overheating of the displays.
  • Utilize light sensors offered by Crystal Display Systems Ltd to automatically adjust the display brightness based on ambient light conditions.
  • Adhere to Crystal Display Systems Ltd.’s guidelines and limit the display brightness to less than 80% of its maximum design value to extend the display’s lifetime.
  • When the display is not in use, follow our instructions to turn off the backlight and conserve power.
  • Regularly clean the display surface as per Crystal Display Systems Ltd.’s recommendations to remove dirt or smudges that may impact visibility.

Choosing Crystal Display Systems Ltd as your partner or supplier ensures access to their expertise and quality products specifically tailored for sunlight readable displays. Crystal Display Systems Ltd specializes in providing solutions that meet the unique requirements of outdoor display projects.


Sunlight Readable Displays

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