Our excellent ClearVUE transparent showcase range consists of our incredible transparent LCD display panel line integrated into boxed cases with LED back lighting and touchscreen options.

The transparency of our display is controlled completely by the colour of the content and effected by the environment in which they are installed. White is transparent (translucent) but black blocks the light completely, allowing you to make the products appear and disappear before your eyes! The famous REVEAL creates that WOW FACTOR!

They allow you to demonstrate your products in a dynamic and innovative way that will amaze your visitors and create that WOW factor as soon as they enter your store or business!

ClearVUEs are finished products, ready to use out of the box and perfect for countertop advertising and can include interactive touchscreens.


Available from 9.7” to 49”. Larger sizes are available as transparent LCD components panel and kits for integration, up to 98”! Touch interactive transparent LCD showcases also available in all sizes with options of infrared or PCAP touch.

We have a standard range of ClearVUE Transparent Showcases with standard dimensions, but we can also offer custom designs.

Here at CDS we have some of our standard showcases stocked, ready for immediate dispatch. 

Over the years we have seen a multitude of installs in every environment, application, and industry possible. It has really opened our eyes as to how clever our customers are! Typical applications include Retail, Museums, Reception Areas, Exhibitions, Gymnasiums,  Bars / Restaurants and more.

You can see some of these installs by clicking here!

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