Touchscreen Scoring Systems: Revolutionizing Bowling Alley Experiences

Enhancing Bowling Enjoyment: The Role of Touchscreen Scoring Systems in Modern Bowling

In this blog post we will be discussing touchscreen scoring systems. Touchscreen technology has significantly impacted the bowling industry over the years, in more ways than expected, enhancing both customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Modern bowling centres utilise touchscreens that allow players to input their names, select game options, and track their scores effortlessly. These systems provide real-time feedback, animations, and graphics, enhancing the overall gaming experience for bowlers.

Touchscreen scoring systems offering Multiple Benefits for users and staff

As well as the typical use of interacting with the scoring system, touchscreens offer additional benefits to the customer experience such as reserving lanes, to order food and drinks, purchasing game credits, and accessing loyalty programs. Using the touchscreen scoring systems as self-service kiosks reduces waiting times and streamlines operations.

During game breaks, bowling centres can use touchscreens for targeted marketing, displaying upcoming events, leagues, and special offers. Running interactive promotions during off-peak hours and collecting customer feedback through surveys.

Increased Engagement and Efficiency for all

Touchscreens engage bowlers of all ages; kids enjoy interactive games during their turn; adults appreciate the convenience of touch-based controls. Interactive elements can encourage repeat visits and social interaction. For competitive leagues, the touchscreens can facilitate league management tasks, such as capturing player statistics, scheduling matches, calculating handicaps. League members can access their profiles and standings via these touchscreens.

Touchscreens can also be used to assist maintenance and troubleshooting.

Technicians can access diagnostic menus directly from the screens. Calibration and adjustments can be performed easily. Troubleshooting guides and error messages are displayed on touchscreens, aiding staff in resolving issues promptly.


As a manufacturer of touchscreen scoring systems, CDS can customise the display both electronically and physically. Bowling centres can tailor touchscreen products to match their branding and theme. Customisation options include colours, fonts, and graphics, creating a cohesive look throughout the facility. The interface the touchscreen uses for connection to your scoring system can also be customised, for example utilising RS232 / RS485.

As technology evolves, expect innovations like augmented reality (AR) overlays on bowling lanes or personalized recommendations based on player preferences. Integration with mobile apps and online platforms will further enhance the user experience. In summary, touchscreen technology has revolutionised the bowling industry by making interactions more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for both bowlers and staff.

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