Transparent Displays in Vending Machines

Transparent Displays in Vending Machines – Example of the new 46″ transparent touchscreen being used in a vending machine.

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The transparent touch screens used in vending machines gives you a look into the future of vending and vending machines. Incorporating the very latest in display screen technology from CDS, these display not only offer the well-known and understood touchscreen capabilities, it provides a whole new dimension of interactivity and advertising potential, thanks to its cutting-edge translucent display technology. This excellent innovative concept in vending machines could be a game changer. It includes a full colour portrait mounted 65″ or larger transparent touchscreen providing consumers with the very best of both worlds. High impact graphics and a direct view of the actual products within the machine help maximise sales. Other built-in features such as gender recognition could also be incorporated to provide targeted product and promotional suggestions to passing consumers and potential customers. Just imagine you as a customer can see through the display in order to look at the actual products within, while simultaneously using the touchscreen to interact with the machine to get information. The vending machine could also have a camera that can determine the customer’s age and gender in order to display ads targeted at their demographic as highlighted above.

Transparent Displays in Vending Machines could be the future as these vending machines become interactive selling machines that can entice people in, give them great information and high quality graphics to promote and ultimately sell that product to the consumer / end-user. This could be produced in various sizes from small size 21.5” FHD displays up to an amazing 86” 4K resolution display for a specific type of application. Watch this space or contact us if you want more information on the CDS transparent Display kits, solutions and showcases.