True Multi-Touch Shadowsense Touchscreen Monitors

.CDS has added the latest Multi touch technology to its range of products incorporating the Shadowsense multi touch panels into its Estecom open frame monitors.  It is looked at as the best in class multi touch technology and offer the following advantages below.


  • Single & Multiple (4) Touch Points Available
  • Mechanically Compatible to Systems Designed for ELO 1739L, 1939L, 1938L, 2239L
  • Supports Windows® 7 (USB HID Compliant), Windows® XP, Linux Operating Systems
  • Improved Gesture Recognition & Touch Thickness Detection Using Tsense™
  • Response Time of Less Than 6ms
  • Calibration & Driver Free

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Touchscreen Technology Overview

ShadowSense™ interactive touch screen technology is changing the way we interface with devices. It introduces a whole new dimension of interactive possibilities by allowing the user to feel connected and in control of their experience. ShadowSense™ eliminates the problems associated with traditional technologies such as resistive, surface capacitive and SAW. As a perimeter based technology the sensor is independent of the protective glass, providing better durability and improved optical performance.  Virtually any object will be recognised as a touch, removing the “bare finger only”, “nothing too hard, nothing too soft”, constraints many older technologies impose. ShadowSense™ technology provides home and business users with a reliable and durable platform that features a robust multi-user, multi-touch capability at a significantly lower cost than has previously been possible.


  • True Multi-touch performance with 2 and 5 touch point options available
  • Real-time touch area data provided for all touch points
  • Solid touch activation
  • Senses solid objects 2 millimeters  or greater in diameter
  • 6 to 8 millisecond response timeØ Better than 2 millimeter accuracy across the entire touch surface
  • No ghosting or dead zones
  • Static object detection and rejection
  • Continues to function with debris on the screen
  • 3mm tempered glass with 91% optical clarity
  • 93% and 95% transmissivity options available
  • IP65 rated front seal (bezel to glass)
  • USB HID interface to host
  • Windows 7 compliant
  • No drivers or CPU based processing
  • Calibration free
  • Mechanically and thermally stable
  • No ageing affects

CDS will have the Estecom open frame touch monitors and industrial interface cards also on show for demonstration and discussion.

For more information please click here to email us.


. For more information, data sheets and pricing please click here to email us.